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26 August
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Cos this world swallows souls and when the blues unfold it gets cold
silence burns holes. you're going mad,
perhaps you always were, but when things was good you just didn't care.
This is called irony - when you most need to get up you got no energy.
Time and time shit'll happen, the dark shit's unwrapping but no-one's listening
your mates are laughing, your brethren's fucking and then you start hating.
your stomach starts churning and you mind starts turning.
So smoke another draw, it won't matter no more but the next day still feels sore.
Rain taps on your window -always did tho but you didn't hear it when things were so-so.
your on your own now, your little zone
you were born alone and believe me you'll die alone.
Weed becomes a chore. you want the buzz back so you follow the others onto smack.
Just trying to stay positive. Feels nice and still. Good thing about brown is it always will.
It's easy, no-one blames you It's that world out there that's fucked you
your no less of a person and if God exists he still loves you.
Just remember that - the more you sink the further back from that brink.
Maybe you've lifetime scars and you think tattoos might be more fitting, but who's picking?
Searching for yourself you find demons.
Try and be a freeman and grasp that talisman.
Cos your the same as I am - we all need our fellow man
we all need our Samaritan. Maybe I'm better looking than you tho,
maybe I've got more dough - but am I happier... no.
Get the love of a good girl and your world
will be much richer than my world and your happiness will uncurl.
Just trying to stay positive.
Stop dreaming - people who say that are blaspheming.
They’re doing nine to five and moaning and they don't want you succeeding
when they’ve blown it. And you idols - who are they?
They too dreamt about their day. Positive steps will see your goals.
Whether it's dollars or control, feel the gold.
I ain’t helping you climb the ladder, I'm busy climbing mine.
That's how it's been since the dawn of time.
If you reach a cul-de-sac, the world turns it's back,
this is you zone, it's like blackjack.
He might get the ace or the top one,
so organise your two's and three's into a run
then you'll have fucked him son.
And for that you'll be the better one.
One last thing before you go though.
When you feel better tomorrow you'll be a hero but never forget today.
you could be back here - things can stray.
What if you see me in that window?
You won't help me I know. That's cool,
just keep walking where you go.
Carry on through the estate, stare at the geezers
so they know you ain’t lightweight - and go see your mates.
And when they don't look happy - play them this tape.
Just trying to stay positive.

I hope you understand me.
I ain’t no preaching fucker and I aint no do-goody-goody either.
This is about when shit goes pear-shaped,
and if you aren't or ever
have been at rock bottom then good luck to you in the big wide world.
but remember that one day shit might just start crumbling.
Your bird might fuck off or you might loose your job.
It's when that happens that what I'm talking about
will feel much more important to you.
So if you ain’t feeling it, just be thankful that everything’s cool in your world.
Respect to BC. Positivity. Positivity. Just trying to stay positive.

My eyes are green... cause I eats a lotta vegetables.. it don't have nothin to do with your new friend

Rest. Elliott. Love you.